Todd Newman

      Todd Newman is a Licensed Independent Social Worker who started his professional career in 2008 after graduating from The University of Akron where he obtained an Associate’s Degree in Applied Science, a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work and a Master’s Degree in Social Work (Advanced Standing). 

Todd is currently a doctoral student, pursuing a degree in Counseling and Psychological Studies at Regent University. Todd specializes in treating drug and alcohol addiction disorders, developmental disabilities, mood disorders (including Bipolar Disorder), psychotic disorders and many variations of Adjustment Disorders. His theoretical orientations include, but are not limited to:  Solution-Focused, Humanistic, Narrative, Cognitive, Interpersonal and Integrative Therapies. His philosophy toward therapy is that it should be an integrative approach, coupled with practical interventions that entail a concerted effort by both parties to remain goal-oriented, as well as a perpetual movement toward self-fulfillment. The attitude/demeanor he shares is that of being genuine, accepting, empowering, empathetic and insightful. 

Apart from his current coursework at Regent University, Todd likes to play music, spend time with his wife and daughter and stay abreast of the most current issues of concern in psychology.


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